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Edge Security-as-a-Service

Connecting law enforcement to any sensor globally.

VaporEdge Cloud is a unique product in the global marketplace. We have the ability to deploy the VaporEdge framework in a few days while competitors require a minimum of three to six months and roughly 6,000 working hours for a base installation.

Edge Platform-as-a-Service

AI and machine learning require massive data sets to have actionable predictive power. As data scientists we always want more historical and real-time data to strengthen our predictive capabilities. Implementing an AI Augmented Vapor Wake dog or the “VaporEdge” requires a cloud at the edge; global, secure, encrypted, connectivity in challenging environments, and the broad availability of interchangeable sensors to meet the needs of evolving use cases.

Dog Profile
Image by Jason Jarrach

The Dog:

  • Operational dynamics (e.g. K9/human performance, monitoring, and assessment)

  • Targets (emphasis on an all threats approach).

K9 wearables have potential value in all 3 domains:

  • AI applications to facilitate monitoring and enabling/facilitating dog-handler ‘communications’ and assessment of (K9) well-being and performance in real-time.

  • Opportunities to extend the sentinel capabilities of the dog with wearable sensor technologies (e.g. electronic/explosives/chemical/biological/nuclear...).

  • Refining capabilities for autonomous guidance.

High Priority Use Cases

Cargo Screening
Computer vision can be incorporated with the cameras on the dog to classify and authenticate cargo by shape, written or printed marks, and location. We can scan bar codes at increased standoff distances and add RFID to authenticate and validate the successful screening of the cargo. We can organize and provide instant access to a certified chain of custody for evidentiary data.

Broad Range of Sensors
Paring the dog with sensors and the Vapor Wake Digital twin will have an immediate impact on secure operations. Sensors can be implemented on the VaporEdge Cloud as long as the sensors do not severely increase the weight of the sensor package. As discussed earlier the VaporEdge implementation offers a broad availability of interchangeable sensors to meet the needs of evolving use cases.

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