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AI Driven IOT Edge
Edge Platform Services

AI and machine learning require massive data sets to have effective predictive power. Data scientists never have enough historical and real-time data. Transporting and storing the petabyte in the cloud before it is curated is expensive and time consuming. But the cost of storing the data is trivial in comparison to moving and processing the data.

We believe we should be able to make decisions at the event source and curate and preprocess data as we collect it. We use technology to build and massively scale secure edge solutions for real time decision making.

AI Intelligence to Any Sensor

Real time processing on the edge

As the device is close to the source of the data, processing is quicker than if everything were to  be sent to the cloud.

Image by Joel Filipe

Highly scalable architecture

We offer a highly scalable architecture– add more devices as needed to build capacity – linear scaling able to handle millions of events per second.

Easily adaptable and flexible

We can connect to any cloud platform (Azure, AWS, Google).

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Offline and online data consistency.

We offers offline/online data consistency. This is particularly relevant where customers have data that need to be consistent, but data arrive at different times.

Stock Exchange

Secure private cloud and lower costs

Private cloud offers a secure environment, replication of data and  lower cloud costs.

Massive sensor APIs already built

We have already invested in a massive product suite of sensors.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Ability to run
any software

We can run any type of software, e.g. in Docker Containers or Virtual Machines ensuring no data flow between applications.

High security
and resilience

We offer a resilient and secure solution through use case specific software and the distributed cloud.

Edge Computing and Distributed Cloud brings the power of advanced analytics to local environments;
even when they are primarily operating in a disconnected state. 
Spacecraft in Orbit

We can help you on your journey

Our team has solved challenges in outer space as well as scale-up platform solutions for some of the largest tech-based corporations in America. We provide extraordinary scaling abilities to any platform or system, enabling you to leverage the edge where and how it creates the most value.

New to Edge Computing?

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