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luxML is the exclusive distributor for the Celerway GO to Federal and State agencies.
Cybercriminals are attacking employees working from home. VPNs alone fall short of providing adequate security.

The GO is a new product – the first of its kind – that delivers mobile workers the same level of network security as the branch office.  The GO is enterprise-grade connectivity anywhere, in a small battery-operated device.

Location is irrelevant!
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Connectivity Aggregation
  • Aggregates all network streams simultaneously

  • Cable/DSL+LTE1+LTE2+WFII

  • Optimizes distribution of data streams over all available networks. 

  • Reroutes traffic intelligently using comprehensive network quality indicators, pre-empting network failure.

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Realtime Application Orchestration
  • Video and audio traffic can now enter separate queues/flow, no longer being blocked by other types of traffic.
  • Smart QoS automatically detects real time traffic and ensures low latency and packet loss.
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Zero Trust Security Deters Ransom Attacks
  • We consider all resources to be external and continuously verifies trust before granting only the required access.
  • White list only acceptable business sites for your mobile employees.  Prevent access to ransom threatening sites.
GO Product Specification
GO Product Specification
Find out how GO helps you overcome the top 3 IT challenges of remote work..
GO Solution Brief
The world's first truly portable, battery-powered business-grade mobile router.
GO Product Brief
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