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AI Driven Enterprise Systems

AI is the major disrupter in technology today. Data Science is key to understanding the predictive power of data but it must be effectively deployed in the enterprise to realize value. We have codified a methodology to bring AI from theory to practice. 

Pivoting to ML centric decision-making is a must for many enterprises.

We work collaboratively to provide vision and a roadmap to transform monolith applications into cloud native ML driven micro-services architectures; implementing continuous development “we build it, we run it” model; modernizing applications around low or no-license open-source, and application-cloud enablement for virtualized applications. 

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
Image by Jay Hawk

Data Science Studies

We deploy studies to reveal actionable data from Big Data and high volume streaming data. We implement a codified practice to identify predictive data that brings value to the enterprise.

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